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The Hyosung R&DB is committed to becoming oue of the largest R&D centers for the world's best technology.
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Hyosung R&DB Labs is concentrating all its research activites on securing the essential basic techonologies, and the R&D of promising new business enterprises for the future.
Top Class Technology Award ib Korea
Gold Award in Korea Technology Awards: Development of High Tenacity Carbon Fiber "TANSOM", 2014
Silver Award in Korea Technology Awards: Development of TAC film for LCD, 2012
Top 100 Technologies in Korea : Spandex, Tire Cord, 2010
Top 10 New Technologies in Korea : 2,6-NDA Process by Direct Purification, 2007
Top Technology Competition : 2nd Prize Award, Lyocell Tire Cord, 2006
Top 10 New Technologies in Korea : Ultra Fine Polyester Yarn M-2, M-3, 'Micro miracle' , 2002
Green Technology Award of the Year in Green Technology Awards:
High flow-rate & low-energy submerged hollow fiber membrane for water treatment, 2012
Honored by Minister of Knowledge and Economy in commemoration of Nano-Korea, 2011
Honored by Minister of Knowledge and Economy in commemoration of the Day for Display, 2010
The Order of Science and Technology, 2010
Creative Technology Award, TAC(Tri-Acetyl Cellulose) Film for LCD, 2009
Presidential Award as Excellent Industrial R&D Institute, 2009
New Technology(NET)Mark
2013 Development Submerged-type Micro Filtration Technology for Water Treatment System
2006 PET based Conductive Yarn Composite Spinning Technology
2006 Polyester based Evapotex Material
2003 PP Chip for Medical Use
2001 Nylon Luminous Fiber, 'Mipan Lumaz'
IR 52 Winner of the Jang Young Shil Award
2018 Developed the PET CD continuous polymerization process technology
2014 High Tenacity Intermediate Modulus Carbon Fiber "TANSOM"
High-efficiency platinum catalyst for propane dehydrogenation reaction, 2012
2008 Ultra High Tenacity PET Fiber
2007 Lyocell Tire Cord
2002 Ultra Fine Polyester Yarn M 2, 'Micromiracle'
2001 PTT BCF Fiber and Carpet
Engineer of the Month Award
2018 Development and commercialization of differentiated Spandex
2017 Heat Generating Polyester Fiber and Nylon Fiber
2016 Lyocell Tire Cords and High Performance carbon fiber
Continuous polymerization for polyester differentiation, 2012
Directly purified 2,6-NDA process, 2008
PVA fiber development, 2007
World Class Product of Korea
Comfortable Polyester filament
Polyester Ultra Microfiber by Direct Spinning
High tenacity yarn of polyester filaments
Polypropylene Resin (R200P)
PET Yarn for Seatbelt
Multi Layer Technology of High Gas Barrier for PET Beer Bottles
Stretchable Polyester Fiber (Xanadu 55)
Semi-permanent cool touch Polyester Fiber
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