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The Continuous R&D Efforts of the HYOSUNG R&DB Will Help Hyosung Underkate a Central Role
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HYOSUNG R&DB Labs will be a world leader in research with Continuous R&D efforts
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Since its foundation in 1971 as the first private research center in Korea, Hyosung R&DB Labs has pioneered research and development efforts in the synthetic fibers industry, which served as the driving force of Korea's industrial development during the 1970s.

In September 2006, the Central R&D Center and Manufacturing Technologies Lab were integrated to form Hyosung R&DB Labs, which were categorized in 2011 into 5 Major Research Groups based on their baseline technology in an effort to focus on creating new growth opportunities.

Hyosung R&DB Labs strive to secure technologies for growth of the company in order to expand its new business areas and to develop new products and processes within existing business areas, commercializing them at an early stage.
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