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Textile Research Group, Polymerization Research Group, Electronic Materials Research Group, Film Research Group, Functional Materials Research Group
Textile Research Group
The Textile Research Group is centered on spinning, drawing and synthesis technology. It has developed spandex and tire cords which hold the largest portion of world market share based on textile nylon and polyester fibers, taking the initiative in advancing cutting edge textile technology to lead in future endeavors by developing aramid fiber which is stronger than steel fibers, and high strength yarns for industrial use, such as airbags and seat belts.
Polymerization Research Group
The Polymerization Research Group is focused on the technologies on polymerization/synthesis and catalyst/process. It is developing functional polymers, resins and catalysts. It has succeeded in developing high performance polyketone and is making efforts to be the first to commercialize it. The Polymerization Research Group produces and supplies polypropylene, most widely used engineering plastic, and conducts research on the Propane Dehydrogenation Process (DH) to obtain high purity propylene, which is the main feed of the PP manufacturing process.
Electronic Materials Research Group
The Electronic Materials Research Group is the fundamental basis of Hyosung Group’s electronic material business. It develops carbon nanotubes which have excellent electric and thermal conductivity. It also develops paste and polymer composites using carbon nanotubes, and luminous LED materials.
Film Research Group
The Film Research Group is centered on film manufacturing and coating process technology, conducting research into optical films and general industrial films. Optical films comprise thin layered materials with diverse optical characteristics which are used in various FPDs including LCD, PDP and LED. The Film Research Group develops a wide variety of films including TAC film for LCD polarizers, anti-reflection film, retardation film, and films for next-generation displays.
Functional Materials Research Group
The Functional Materials Research Group is focused on composite and compounding technologies. It develops carbon fibers which weigh one fifth the weight of steel but have 10 times more strength and are used to manufacture aircraft, automobiles and wind turbine blades. It also makes composites using carbon fibers, and membranes for water treatment.
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