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The Continuous R&D Efforts of the HYOSUNG R&DB Will Help Hyosung Underkate a Central Role
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Since its founding in 1971, Hysung R&DB Labs has concentrated on the development of new technologies.
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Jan. 2012 Hyosung R&DB Labs VISION 2025 was declared
Dec. 2011 The technology commercialization center and manufacturing R&D center were integrated to categorized into 5 Major Research Groups.
Apr. 2007 Re-structured to spilt into The Technology Commercialization Center and Manufacturing R&D Center
Sept. 2006 Hyosung R&DB Labs established.
May. 2005 Certified as an internationally approved testing institute
July. 2004 Re-structured to split into a Central Research Institute and a Production R&D Center
Nov. 1998 Restructured to split into a Fiber & Textile R&&D Center and a chemical R&D Center
Nov. 1995 Certified by KOLAS, a nationally approved testing and inspection institution
Apr. 1986 Textile Finishing Pilot Complex Opened
Dec. 1985 Main Research Complex Opened
Aug. 1979 Textiles and Chemicals Pilot Complex Opened
Apr. 1976 The First Research Complex Opened
Jan. 1971 Research Institute Established
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