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Hyosung R&DB Labs is concentrating all its research activites on securing the essential basic techonologies, and the R&D of promising new business enterprises for the future.
Top Class Technology Award ib Korea
- Gold Award in Korea Technology Awards: Development of High Tenacity
   Carbon Fiber "TANSOM", 2014
- Silver Award in Korea Technology Awards: Development of TAC film for
   LCD, 2012
- Top 100 Technologies in Korea : Spandex, Tire Cord, 2010
- Top 10 New Technologies in Korea : 2,6-NDA Process by Direct
   Purification, 2007
- Top Technology Competition : 2nd Prize Award, Lyocell Tire Cord, 2006
- Top 10 New Technologies in Korea : Ultra Fine Polyester Yarn M-2, M-3,
   ‘Micro miracle” , 2002
- Green Technology Award of the Year in Green Technology Awards:
   High flow-rate & low-energy submerged hollow fiber membrane for
   water treatment, 2012
- Honored by Minister of Knowledge and Economy in commemoration of
   Nano-Korea, 2011
- Honored by Minister of Knowledge and Economy in commemoration of the
   Day for Display, 2010
- The Order of Science and Technology, 2010
- Creative Technology Award, TAC(Tri-Acetyl Cellulose) Film for LCD, 2009
- Presidential Award as Excellent Industrial R&D Institute, 2009
New Technology(NET)Mark
- 2013 Development Submerged-type Micro Filtration Technology for Water Treatment System
- 2006 PET based Conductive Yarn Composite Spinning Technology
- 2006 Polyester based Evapotex Material
- 2003 PP Chip for Medical Use
- 2001 Nylon Luminous Fiber, 'Mipan Lumaz'
IR 52 Winner of the Jang Young Shil Award
- 2014 High Tenacity Intermediate Modulus Carbon Fiber "TANSOM"
- High-efficiency platinum catalyst for propane dehydrogenation reaction, 2012
- 2008 Ultra High Tenacity PET Fiber
- 2007 Lyocell Tire Cord
- 2002 Ultra Fine Polyester Yarn M 2, 'Micromiracle'
- 2001 PTT BCF Fiber and Carpet
Engineer of the Month Award
- 2017 Heat Generating Polyester Fiber and Nylon Fiber
- 2016 Lyocell Tire Cords and High Performance carbon fiber
- Continuous polymerization for polyester differentiation, 2012
- Directly purified 2,6-NDA process, 2008
- PVA fiber development, 2007
World Class Product of Korea
- Comfortable Polyester filament
- Polyester Ultra Microfiber by Direct Spinning
- High tenacity yarn of polyester filaments
- Polypropylene Resin (R200P)
- PET Yarn for Seatbelt
- Multi Layer Technology of High Gas Barrier for PET Beer Bottles
- Stretchable Polyester Fiber (Xanadu 55)
- Spandex
- Semi-permanent cool touch Polyester Fiber
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